Kingsong S16 - a highly anticipated model that will excite enthusiasts. In a market flooded with heavy-duty, powerhouse, big-battery models, the S16 carves out its own niche by striking a delicate balance between price and functionality for adventurous riders looking for a mid-range electric unicycle with uncompromising features.

Rather than aiming to be the ultimate racer or off-road beast, the S16 redefines what a unicycle for daily commuting and occasional weekend fun should look like. The compact design with superior shock absorption is perfect for harsh urban infrastructure and recreational riding.

  • Powerful Performance: The KS-S16 boasts a 2800W rated power and peak of 4500W, reaching speeds up to 50km/h with a maximum mileage of 130km.
  • Sturdy Build and Comfortable Ride: With a 16 x 3-inch tire and 750lb spring coil suspension, it supports up to 120kg and handles inclines of 40° for a smooth journey.
    • Advanced Connectivity and Entertainment: Equipped with dual charge ports and built-in tweeter and bass speakers, stay connected and entertained while on the move.
    • Convenient Charging and Portability: The scooter charges quickly with an included adapter and remains lightweight at around 36kg, making it easy to transport.