King Song's 14D has stood the test of time as a reliable entry-level EUC that still holds its own against the competition today. With an 800w motor housed in a 14" wheel that can exceed 18mph for upwards of 15-20 miles, the 14D is perfect for beginners who want room to grow into their first wheel or anyone looking to explore the world of smaller wheels.

  • Power and Range: Compact yet dynamic, the 14D boasts a powerful 800W motor (2400W peak), tackling 30° hills at 18 mph. The 60V Li-Ion LG battery ensures a 25 mile range, with a quick 3.5-hour recharge.
  • Design and Equipment: Compact design meets robust build quality. Customizable LED lights, Bluetooth, built-in speakers, and an activation button enhance the riding experience without sacrificing durability.
  • Safety and Practicality: Control and comfort define the 14D, thanks to its 14-inch inflatable tire, folding pedals, and side pads. Weighing only 32lbs, it's portable, with practical dimensions and features like a handle for easy pushing.
  • Rating: A dynamic and practical choice for urban riders, the Kingsong 14D delivers power, convenience, and durability in a compact package.