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16S Black
Jana Blosser
Will not order from them again

Very disappointed, they took my money and never sent the uniwheel I purchased. Won't answer any emails or phone calls.

John Folk
Great and fun to ride euc

Great and fun to ride euc. The suspension is very nice and makes bumpy roads fun and easy to ride. Power overhead is also very nice.

14D Black
Clocked mine at 25 miles per hour

Love the product this is my third one purchased I would love to get something even faster but prices are just too steep I've had solo wheel step n go brand both malfunctioned and quit working haven't had a single problem with my king song I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into these awesome toys

Michael James
This is now one of my favorite wheels as it is light, nimble, and has very plush suspension!

I am in love with my new kingsong S19. This is now one of my favorite wheels as it is light, nimble, and has very plush suspension! This wheel has great acceleration, really nice cornering, and takes the road bumps really well! I also have a Kingsong 16x and Kingsong S22 and each wheel has its own unique characteristics.

Allen Hotchkin
This thing is fast!!!

This thing is fast!!! I have a high speed mollicel exn - and this thing feels really fast comparably.

It’s nimble and fun. Easy to jump and play. It’s a fabulous ride and has battery for days , my exn has 1000 wh more juice but does not touch the range on this wheel. It’s baffling.


Careful in sand or rough trail conditions- I did overload it, and it did not like me one bit.

14D Black
Christopher R.
My first EUC has been

My first EUC has been the 14D, and so far I'm loving it. It's easy to maneuver and low speeds and has enough power to handle steep hills.

Uzear Butt
It's reliably durable, controllable, and efficient.

Full disclosure this is my first euc, and my mind is sufficiently blown.

That said I'm past the initial wow and am looking at this thing through the lens of 'I only want to go faster and further'.

This thing IS fast and DOES go far, and the torque is a must when it comes to diversity of rides.

I've crashed. Ohhhhh I've crashed, but the only damage are a few scuffs. Incredible endurance.

Stability, it's got it. I've heard a lot about the speed wobbles of this wheel and almost didn't get it because of it. Naw. It ain't a real problem. *Once you get the power pads adjusted how you like em*

Battery anxiety. Never had it. My ankles give out at around 30% and I've ridden this thing to the coast and back.

Eucs are still unknown in my area of Santa Rosa CA and I get stopped constantly to talk about it. People are amazed and love it, the look, the sound, the applicability. Not going to lie, I feel a little like a local celebrity everytime I take it out. It roles through the grocery store without looking stupid, and charges in no time.

ONE THING! this is why I gave it 4 stars. The two screws on the inside of the carrying handle came lose and nearly fell out. I went over the rest of the wheel and found all the screws were a bit lose. Could've been from hard riding, but it was a little concerning.

Bottom line, this things changed my life in a positive way, making parts of my city accessable in a way a car can't imagine. It's reliably durable, controllable, and efficient.

14D Black

Very reliable, well built EUC. Good for a starter EUC, or a lightweight short range commuter. I use this EUC to teach my friends on, and to run quick errands. Great value for the money.

14D Black
James Slayden

I love this wheel. i own many wheels and the 14D is is just a blast to ride. Extremely agile, easy to mount, it's my go to wheel for super slow difficult riding. (my favorite way to ride). it's well made, thin and beautiful. I highly recommend this wheel

Mike C
Fantastic wheel for beginners.

Fantastic wheel for beginners. The wheel is very nimble with many safety features. I have 300 miles on mine and have never had any issues. The blue tooth speakers and lights are the icing on the cake. The only downside is the speed limiter but that goes away as you learn to ride (150km or less depending on firmware). Pick up some shin guards you are going to need them.

Ryan Scott
Fun unicycle

Fun unicycle. Got it as my second wheel and it's been fun and way easier to ride than my starter wheel a Kingsong S18. Very fast and yet to ride the wheel to an empty battery because it gets great range.

John C.
this has been the best decision ever!

my first wheel is the S19 and begun my hours of learning to ride. the S19 is very heavy and i think i should have purchased a lighter wheel to learn on but I'm learning and I'm now able to ride around the block and get around without any assistance. My daughter now wants a wheel and a few of my neighbors are now interested. the learning curve is steep and i have put in many hours and i love the decision to get my wheel, best decision ever. After getting used to the weight of the wheel and the power of the motor, the weight doesn't bother me anymore and the speed and acceleration of this wheel is exciting! Again, this has been the best decision ever!

Sonny Smith
They delivered the EUC promptly

My first EUC and daily commuter for the last month, and I couldn't be more pleased. The fat tire is forgiving on the rough roads and railroad crossings I have to navigate, and the weight feels just right to iron out excessive movement without taking away control. I've only clocked about 200~ miles on it, but after about 50 I was already comfortable cruising 30mph due to the wheel responding exactly how you expect it to. Build quality is super solid and has so many extra features that many will probably go entirely untouched. Eats steep roads for breakfast and has very good battery life. Depending on the wind direction, it will last between 80-90 miles on a charge, and my route has very chewed up roads and several long inclines.

Ed Darrah
16X is everything I Expect

KS16X—first impression is that it’s an awesome wheel. Super sensitive to tire air pressure, but once you have set right, it rides like a dream. Powerful, smooth and plenty fast enough for my 58 year old carcass. Can’t wait to put more miles on it

Todd J Zang
No disadvantages

I have been wheeling for 4 years and have owned many different King Song models. This is simply the best all around high end wheel in my opinion. Smooth, reliable, simple, capable and fast. Perfectly great both on and off road and my preferred way to explore the world and get from point A to point B with a smile. My son agrees. No disadvantages. A+++

It’s amazing, that’s all, it’s

This was my first wheel that I have been using for my commute to work (about 15 miles both ways). I has been an absolute joy to ride, and as a relatively large person (6'2" and 260 lbs), it handles my weight very well.

Kyle Gannon
It’s an incredible machine and I love everything about the riding experience.

The wheel is better than I could have hoped for, being my fire EUC. It’s an incredible machine and I love everything about the riding experience. If the body was nearly indestructible I’d have given it a perfect 5 stars!

Very happy with it so far.

I have only been learning on the wheel so far. Out of the box the wheels seems very well built. I have no experience on other wheels but I am learning pretty quickly and can ride without needing to balance against a wall after about 3 hours of practice. I am enjoying it. The wheel's extra features like headlight, LED lights, charging port are great additions. The telescoping handle has been very useful as well. Very happy with it so far.

Great for getting around the city.

Great for getting around the city. I live up 3 flights of stairs and this is the most weight I would want to be carrying up and down every day. It’s really perfect and SO fun.

Aries Waters
I love my king song 16s

I love my king song 16s. It's what I learned on. Everyone should learn and a nice grassy area if you can better for you and better for the wheel. I have two of them my son and myself were riding within the first 15 minutes and going as far as 50 yards and more within the first 30 minutes. Not so scary on the grass.

14D Black

I am still on the very beginning of the learning curve, so I cannot provide a deep technical review, but it seems to work excellent. I have one complaint though: the paddings for calfs at the top of the wheel could be bigger and softer. Padding for ankles does not exist. It hurts quite a bit and I got bruises on my calfs. I had to come with my own home solution for these paddings. And I am reading that it is not only me, complaining. Even expert riders add their own padding for comfort and stability. This is the reason why I give the wheel 4 stars.

Dave Hayes
This wheel in my opinion is the best out there for size, price, weight, speed, battery life and a...

I have owned the KS S22 for over 5000 miles of hard riding. And even though my current wheel is still going strong I decided to purchase a new S22. This wheel in my opinion is the best out there for size, price, weight, speed, battery life and agility. And of course reliability. Very pleased !

John Marks
It feels like a solid, high quality machine.

The Kingsong 16X is much bigger and heavier than I thought. It feels like a solid, high quality machine. Out of the box it was very easy to setup and start riding thanks to topfeel instructions they email when my wheel shipped. I am extremely happy with my purchased.


The motor is great and powerful but the suspension not that great

Vincent P.
Amazing power

Awesome wheel. Super agile and maneuverable! Using it for ~8.5 mile (each way) commutes has been a blast. Acceleration is great, I often beat cars off the line up until around 15mph! Surprising amount of power up the ridiculous hills where I live too. Can take me up while cruising 18mph no problem. Also, King Song trolley handles are the bees knees. The only thing I don't totally dig is the side pads. I don't like how far they stick out - if the pedals were just set slightly wider, that would be nice. The contact point is also a little low - a taller wheel distributes the load along your leg better, which is more comfortable for mounting/dismounting or one-legged riding. These are relatively minor quibbles. This is a great wheel to have around. Due to where I frequently ride, I've found myself more comfortable on a wheel capable of ~25mph+ so that I can ride in traffic when necessary. Cyclists here are just super unpredictable, and passing them can be pretty dangerous. That said, I do wear CE rated knee and elbow impact protection, wrist guards, and a full face helmet. I still like having this for fun little rides - it's just so zippy!