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Customize your cool EUC

Get to know the app

Adjust your EUCs as you wish, whether it's lights, Bluetooth, speed, protection, etc., uniquely yours.

You can do even more with the Topfeel APP - log your miles and explore your adventures.

Discover S9

Explore the world of EUC

We've seen countless riders recover from mental illness, and electric unicycles have opened a new door in their lives.

Manage all your Soldiers

The electric unicycle is very smart with gyroscopic sensors. You lean forward and the wheel accelerates, you lean back and the wheel brakes.


Explore local parks, bike paths, and even dense urban areas without having to worry about carrying heavy or bulky machinery. You'll blend in with pedestrian and bicycle traffic, and while everyone else around you has to work to get where they're going, all you have to do is glide past them and enjoy the ride.

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More styles await your exploration

Find out what other riders are talking about, new riding tips? New DIY programs? A place worth venturing to? There's always something you need...

How it works

1.Download the app

2.There are two main parts to the Topfeel APP - customizing the device and logging the trip.

3.Standalone "State" goes to your device management page. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize your EUCs.

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Creating joy and convenience

Save people from morning traffic jams, give them a chance to breathe fresh air, hear the wind blowing in their ears, let them play, carve, and have fun - with big smiles on their faces - and then they're ready to start the day on a happy note.

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