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From Rookie to Master

Upgrade. Save. It’s a win-win-win.

We've planned everything for you to seamlessly transition from novice to expert on your electric unicycle journey. When your current "basketball" no longer fits your needs, you can take advantage of a special discount on the high-performance EUCs of your choice. We won't take back the S9 "Basketball" because it's the most cherished memory you'll ever have from learning to ride. Let the "basketball" that supported you in your early years bring joy to your children or other family members.

Get $80–$500 when you Upgrade an S9 "Basketball"

No need to recycle your S9, we'll send you a discount code to use against other EUCs purchased.

Get a discount on High-performance EUCs

Please note that you must have an S9" basketball purchased from Topfeel to participate in this program.

Select your upgraded EUC.

First, congratulations on now being a certified EUC rider, and then please choose to trade up to one of the new EUCs that are right for you.

Get your device ready to upgrade.

We will send you an upgrade confirmation email with the relevant discount code to use after you add the desired EUC to your cart.

Continue your adventure.

The upgrade confirmation email you receive will contain detailed instructions on how to do this. Then please wait quietly for your new EUC.

Quick answers about upgrade online.

Trade in your old equipment for new value.

For all the EUCs riders

We understand that an EUC is expensive, and we also know that you need to improve the performance of your equipment as your skills improve. That's why we've introduced this program for riders with different time frames.

To create a better future, we encourage the use of EUC travel and help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in urban environments by reducing reliance on traditional modes of transportation.

Carefully designing products for a sustainable future
We will design products using more sustainable materials, including those obtained through closed-loop recycling. Exemplary products - some of our tires contain bioplastics from trees.

More questions? More answers.

What devices are eligible for upgrade?

You can only use the S9 "Basketball" purchased from Top-feel for upgrading higher performance EUCs.

How long will the upgrade take?

It usually takes 5-7 business days, after you send us an email, we will process it within 24 hours and inform you of the discount code and how to proceed with the process.

Do I need to return parts to get this service?

You do not have to. In fact, this amounts to a free event and you don't have to lose your old device.

Is there a way to track my upgrade status?

Yes. If you participate in the S9 Upgrade Event, we will create a manual order for you and include a tracking slip number with your order, so you can check the operational status of your new device in

Which of the high-performance EUCs can I upgrade with the S9 "basketball"?

You can choose any KS electric unicycle and let us know!

Please note that the amount of this discount is fixed and there is no need to check the use of your old equipment and no need to recycle your old equipment. To take advantage of this service, you need to inform us of the order number you purchased from Top-feel, or a screenshot of your order. The credit amount of your existing device can be used to offset the purchase of a new Kingsong device. This service is applicable to all KS devices and the service is only available in Top-feel stores.
We use your location to show you delivery options faster. We find your location using your IP address, or the location information you entered the last time you visited the Top-feel website.
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