Topfeel insists on using the best materials and techniques to create the perfect EUC.In the rare event that your product does not work due to a defect in workmanship or materials, the Topfeel team will provide you with the most reliable service to ensure that your shopping experience remains enjoyable.

Valid warranty claims

Warranty claims must be made within the product warranty period. The warranty period begins on the original date of purchase. We need to add that the warranty on a replacement is from the original date of purchase on the receipt. A valid receipt is required in order to submit a warranty claim.

Filing of warranty claims

After completing the Warranty Request Form our Customer Service Team will contact you and sent you further instructions. Please do not send any product back to us without contacting us first.


Since everyone uses the small EUC in a different way, we cannot guarantee all the consequences of its use. Please take care of your safety and do not perform dangerous operations, for the sake of your body and this wonderful world.

Warranty Request

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