Only a few urban models are able to impress by combining attractiveness, riding properties and uniqueness with practical use. Luckily, meet the Kingsong 16S unicycle intended for all riders looking for these very attributes. Not only does this electric unicycle combine all the aforementioned features, it even adds something extra – high build quality, performance and an endless dose of adrenaline. Its specs, such as 3 000 W of power, a top speed of 22 mph and a range of 50 mile, speak for themselves.

  • Design & Features: Built for city exploration, the 16S features anatomically shaped power pads, customizable ambient lights, Bluetooth connectivity, and 360° stereo speakers for an immersive ride.

  • Performance: A potent motor (1200W, peaking at 3000W) effortlessly handles 30° hills, reaching 22 mph. The 60V Li-Ion LG battery offers an 50 mile range, with a quick 7-hour charge time.

  • Safety & Practicality: With side power pads, foldable pedals, and powerful lights, the 16S prioritizes safety. Compact design and 37lbs weight make it easily portable.

  • Rating: The Kingsong 16S excels in performance, features, and style. Ideal for diverse riding, it combines aesthetics, practicality, and exceptional properties—a top choice for style-conscious riders.