Enjoy 2200 watts of fun with the KS-S18, featuring new built-in suspension and a sportbike-inspired design with aggressive curvature that combines aerodynamics with a never-before-seen air intake system. Add built-in retractable handlebars, front and rear lights, and Bluetooth for data connectivity, and now you're the future!

  • High-Speed Performance: Reach speeds of up to 31mph, achievable after just 6 miles of riding. Powered by a new 2200W sustained motor, peaking at 5000W, this scooter delivers exhilarating acceleration and agility.
  • Long-Range Capability: With a maximum potential range of 62 miles, the scooter ensures extensive coverage for your urban commutes or leisure rides.
  • Advanced Battery and Control: Equipped with a 1110Wh, 84V battery featuring Smart BMS technology for enhanced safety and longevity. The high-performance control board can reliably sustain 2000W and incorporates a heatsink and temperature control fan for optimal operation.
  • Enhanced Stability and Comfort: Conquer steep inclines of up to 40° with confidence, supported by a sturdy frame capable of accommodating a maximum load of 300lbs. Large pedals with grip tape and extra-wide 18” tires offer stability and comfort on various surfaces.
  • Integrated Technology and Safety Features: Stay connected on the go with Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer, compatible with the King Song App. Enjoy enhanced visibility with a bright headlight and rear brake light with turn signal functionality. Safety features include audible beeps, pedal tilt-back, and a handle sensor to detect lifting motion, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Additionally, built-in dual USB ports allow for powering and charging your devices on the move.