S19 Ride Comfort

The inflatable tyre on the KS-S19 remains the same, with a width of 3 inches and a diameter of 18 inches, for a marked grip that's ideal for off-road riding. An obvious blend of the S18 and S22, its design has evolved into a combination of black and orange. What's more, RGB LEDs dot the electric unicycle elegantly, giving it a unique, modern personality.With its adjustable air-pressure suspension system and latest-generation springs, the Kingsong S19 offers optimum comfort for your journeys. In fact, this system incorporates an oil circuit that improves shock resistance and ensures a smooth ride.For an even more enjoyable ride, the larger and wider power pads and non-slip pedals provide unrivalled grip. The KS-S19 is much more than just an electric unicycle, it represents the pinnacle of comfort and performance.