General Questions

What is Kingsong's relationship to Top-feel?

Topfeel is the official website of KingSong, which will be launched to all retail customers in 2023 and will be managed directly by KingSong.

What is an EUC?

An Electric Unicycle, or ‘EUC’ for short, is a powered, single-wheeled mode of transport. EUCs are self-balancing and powered by a rechargeable battery. In non-technical speak, EUCs are the most fun you can have on one wheel!

How do you ride electric unicycles?

EUCs have footrests which you will use to stand on. In simple terms, if you lean forward, you will go forwards, and if you lean back, you will slow down. To turn left or right, simply lean in that direction, and the EUC will do the rest.

How do electric unicycles work?

An electric unicycle consists of a number of pieces of tech like the motor, gyroscopes and battery to ensure that you are transported swiftly and safely, and can recharge quickly on reaching your destination.

What is the best electric unicycle?

‘Best’ depends on what you want from your EUC. Different models have different benefits, in terms of speed, weight, looks, charging time etc.

In terms of performance alone, there is no doubt that the KS S22 PRO is the best EUCs in the world, but you still need to choose the best EUCs for your needs, don't worry, we have designed a full range of recommendations for you to progress from novice to advanced, please check this page.

Are EUC’s eco friendly?

EUC’s are hugely popular for lots of reasons, not least because they are such an environmentally friendly way to travel. They are powered by a rechargeable battery, so no single use fuel is required. They are also very robust, so as long as an EUC is well maintained, it will last for many years.

Will I get fit using an EUC?

EUCs are a great way of building core strength due to the need to lean in order to control the EUC. You will also find that your heart-rate will be increased whilst you travel on your EUC. So, whilst it isn’t exactly a gym work-out, EUCs can provide health benefits almost without noticing!

How much is an EUC?

Although EUCs are a relatively new idea, they are rapidly becoming mainstream, which means they are already a very affordable form of transportation. At Top-feel, our lowest entry-level S9 "Basketball" retails for $499.

However, if you can afford to spend more, you'll unlock the highest performing machine, the KS S22 PRO, which costs up to $3,000.

What is the cost of ownership of an EUC?

EUCs are incredibly low cost once you have made your initial outlay. They do not require fuel, other than the cost of recharging your battery, and there are no licences to pay for. Remember to factor clothing and safety equipment into your budget. If correctly maintained and serviced, your EUC will give you years of pleasure for minimal cost.

Can I ride Electric Unicycle on any terrain?

Electric Unicycles are built like tanks. They have a direct-drive hub motor that has no moving parts so you can ride over any terrain without much fear of damaging your board. All Electric Unicycles are water resistant and can withstand some moisture. We recommend taking extra caution when riding in or near water and drying off your Electric Unicycles completely before charging to avoid damage. 

Can I ride Electric Unicycles in the cold?

Yes, but be aware that riding in colder temperatures can affect the performance of the unicycle. One key thing is to make sure the board is always being stored inside a temperature controlled environment, not left in uninsulated areas for extreme heat or cold. Keeping your  unicycle in the cold can cause damage to your tire, motor, and battery. You may receive an error message if your battery level is too cold or runs out of power prematurely. In that case, you’ll need to bring it back inside.

EUC’s and Safety

Are Electric Unicycles Safe?

EUCs should be perfectly safe as long as you follow some basic rules:

  • Ensure you are wearing a helmet and other protective clothing, such as gloves and pads.
  • Wear high-vis clothing if possible
  • Be aware of the environment around you, including other people or traffic
  • Stick to a speed that you are comfortable with
  • Ensure your battery is fully charged before you set off and that your EUC is in perfect working order
How fast do electric unicycles go?

As technology progresses, EUCs are getting faster and faster. It is not uncommon to find EUCs that can propel you along at more than 40mph (65 km/h).

Should I wear gloves when riding my electric unicycle?

We would always recommend wearing gloves to protect your hands and to keep out the chill.

Do you need a helmet when riding an Electric Unicycle?

Yes! EUC is a safe mode of transportation, but it's always best to err on the side of caution just in case. Conditions permitting, EUCs can also be driven at speeds in excess of 30 mph, so wearing a proper helmet is absolutely vital.

EUC Technical Questions

What are Lean Pads?

Lean pads are an accessory that enables you to get more performance from your EUC. They work by strapping to your knees, and increasing the leverage you get when leaning forwards or backwards. They will also make longer journeys more comfortable, as you will be doing less leaning over time!

What range do EUCs have?

Range differs between different EUCs, and as battery technology progresses, range is increasing. Currently, you can travel up to 130 miles on a higher-end EUC.

How much do EUCs weigh?

The weight of your EUC will depend on make and model. Less expensive models with lower specification will weigh less – as little as 8Kg. However, the further up the price range you go, the more heavy they become. Higher-end models can weigh as much as 30Kg.

Can I go up hills on my EUC?

Yes you can! You will find yourself leaning forward, putting your weight on the front of your feet and toes to help you stand up.

However, if you are considering climbing steep hills on a regular basis, you should consider a higher power, high torque model such as the KS S22 PRO. Designed for the mountains and certified for 45-degree inclines, this model, as well as the KS S19, is the king of the most popular off-roaders at a great price point.

Can I go down hills on my EUC?

You certainly can. Most ‘normal’ hills are easily navigable on your EUC. You will find yourself controlling the rate of your descent by leaning backwards on your EUC, and putting your weight on the back of your heels.

Do EUCs have suspension?

Some newer EUCs do have suspension as this is a relatively recent innovation. Suspension means that your ride will be generally smoother, with bumps being ironed out by the suspension, rather than your knees! An EUC with suspension will also give you greater control on less smooth terrain.

EUC Maintenance

Are electric unicycles easy to repair?

EUCs have a relatively low number of moving parts, meaning that they are unlikely to break. However, they do consist of some elements, such as tyres and brakes, that will need checking and replacing over time.

Are electric unicycles easy to maintain?

EUCs are relatively simple machines, and as such can be maintained easily. We suggest regular checking of tyres and brakes, with a visit to your dealer every 1,000 miles for a check-over.

Do I need to get my EUC serviced?

Whilst not mandatory, at Top-feel we suggest you get your ride checked at 1,000 mile intervals to ensure you have carefree riding.

How long do electric unicycles last?

As long as you look after your EUC, it should last for many years. EUCs are often made with interchangeable components, which adds to their longevity and upgradability.

What is the battery life of an EUC?

EUC battery life is measured in miles, which will depend on your weight and the terrain you are travelling on. The more powerful, expensive wheels have longer battery life, and you should be comfortable travelling around 60 miles on a single charge. Lower spec models may be limited to around 20 miles.

Can I ride an EUC in the rain?

EUCs are splashproof, but not completely waterproof. You should be confident in using your EUC in a light shower, but you need to consider if rainy conditions make the surface more slippery. You should also take into account any visibility issues that come with inclement conditions.

Helpfully, EUCs have a guide known as an IP rating. This will be the letters ‘IP’ followed by two numbers. The second number relates to use in wet conditions. The higher this second number, the more water resistant your EUC. You should not ride an EUC with a second IP number of 2 or less in rainy conditions.

How can I protect my EUC?

There are a number of accessories that will help to protect your beloved EUC. The most popular are bumpers, which can be attached to your EUC to protect from damage without compromising the look of your wheel.

You should always clean your EUC after usage, especially if you have been over rough terrain or in unfavourable weather.

Simple checks such as checking tyre pressure should also be carried out prior to every ride to guard against punctures.


What happens after the payment is made?

You will receive an order confirmation email. We will then arrange for your order to be shipped within 24-48 hours.
We will arrange shipment for you from KingSong main warehouse with perfect products after repeated testing.

Do you charge for delivery?

For shipments to the United States and Canada, delivery will be provided for orders over $500.

When will I receive my purchase invoice?

You will receive your purchase invoice by e-mail 48h maximum after the products are picked-up by the carrier. If you need it faster, please contact us and we’ll make sure to help.

Please keep your purchase invoice in order to benefit from the warranty.

Will you provide a tracking?

Yes, we will provide a tracking number so you can see our logistics information throughout.

What should i do when i receive my package(s)

You need to verify your package(s) during the delivery in presence of the delivery person. If something is damaged, we advise you to immediately put a comment on the delivery note describing the issue, to take a photo of the said note and to immediately contact us. Please note that no claim will be accepted after the delivery if no such comments are made on the delivery note.

Customer Support

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, two years on the electronic components and the frame, one year on the battery.

Do you offer after-sales support?

Contact us if you have any questions or maintenance issues with your unicycle at

My question is not on the FAQ.

Please send us and email at We will be more than happy to help you.

Are EUCs legal?

Each country has different laws and regulations for personal electric vehicles. We recommend that you check your local laws before purchasing such a device. Participants in the world forum wrote the document that you could find here, and we cannot be sure if what is written in it is up to date.

How do i preserve my battery?

Some recommendations :

  • Fully charge your battery before using your product the first time.
  • Try to not charge your battery while the battery level is above 50%.
  • Don’t overpower the BMS with ultra-fast chargers (10A+).
  • Avoid battery’s contact with water.
  • Do not store your scooter in humid environments.
  • A machine with good suspensions will preserve the battery better because it absorps the shocks.

Top-feel X KS S9

Why make an S9?

We have found that no EUC on the market today is intended for beginners. So the learning process is always accompanied by wrestling and pain, so we gave birth to the S9.
This little guy that looks like a toy is the perfect tool for you to enter the world of EUC, with unrivaled safety to ensure you can complete the novice tutorials with peace of mind and enjoy the envy of others!

What is the leather of the S9 ”basketball“ made of?

Like the basketball, it is made of PU leather and added with special waterproof, abrasion-resistant and mold-resistant treatment.

Is S9 "basketball" for kids?

Yes, it's for all kids, and all riders new to EUCs.
And we are CPC and GCC verified, so feel free to use your big toy!

How much weight can the S9 "basketball" carry?

180 lb.

Is S9 "Basketball" beginner friendly?

It's the most beginner-friendly EUC on the market today, and we've added a removable directional wheel, which means you'll never fall off the "basketball".


What were the most common problems on the S22 & have they now been addressed?

The S20/S22 was first unveiled in August 2021, it had a delayed & troubled introduction with several systemic issues with the motor, lack of firmware optimization, poor slider mechanism design, bolts that were prone to stripping when carrying out routine tire/tube changes, & a high rate of charger failures. Through the use of upgraded 3rd party sliders & suspension arm bolts, & now with the latest 4th generation of motor (yes, it has taken King Song 4 attempts!), based on the current defect statistics, there is finally confidence that the present S22 has a high degree of reliability & durability.  

Have the controller and MOSFETs changed?

The architecture of the controller is the same as when it was originally released. Depending on power supply constraints, King Song may use 125V or 150V FETs on the board, with the higher 150V chip having a lower 45A peak specification and the 125V FET having a 100A peak specification - 16 MOSFETs are arranged in a 2x H on this controller - bridge configuration with a maximum peak/burst output of 9,000W. The maximum peak/burst output is 9,000W.

Does the "PRO" 4KW motor consume more power than the stock 3.3KW motor under similar conditions?

Yes, data shows that the 4KW/PRO motor consumes about 20-25% more energy than the stock 3.3KW motor under the same riding conditions. This roughly translates to a range of 40 miles at 22MPH for the 4KW motor versus 55 miles for the stock 3.4KW motor.

What is the maximum charge rate?

While a Samsung 40T battery can theoretically be charged at a rate higher than 10A, at the system level there are other elements in the chain that limit charging to that rate: the charging port, wiring, and the BMS.For users with LG M50LT batteries, it is not recommended to exceed 8A.

What is the weather resistance of the wheels?

Within the range of available models, it is about 'average'. While King Song does not have a specific IP rating, based on hundreds of S22s sold over the past two years, the number of failures due to occasional use in wet conditions is very low. The standard advice is not to expose your wheels to the elements; avoid use in pouring rain if possible; and don't ride through bodies of water.

KS S19

Why Choose the Kingsong KS-S19?
  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials, the KS-S19 is designed to last, ensuring you get value for your money.
  • User-friendly Interface: With its intuitive controls and display, even beginners will find the KS-S19 easy to use.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint! Kingsong-S19 is a green alternative to traditional modes of transport, making it perfect for the environmentally conscious rider.
What are the applicable scenarios for the Kingsong S19 electric unicycle?

The S19 is suitable for off-road and urban exploration, while also being ideal for daily commuting. Its design is intended to meet the demands of riders seeking outstanding performance, comfort, and versatility.

What is the suspension system and tire size of the Kingsong S19 electric unicycle?

The S19 features the DNM AOY 36RC air suspension with a travel distance of 90 millimeters and an 18-inch tire size. The suspension system provides greater damping, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable riding experience.

What is the motor power and climbing capability of the Kingsong S19 electric unicycle?

The S19 is equipped with a 3500W motor (peak power of 6500W) that allows for easy hill climbing, making it particularly suitable for riders who wish to explore steep terrains.

Can KS 19 drive at night?

The KS-S19's battery shines thanks to its intelligent management system, which constantly monitors its condition via multiple protection mechanisms. This ensures optimum safety and stress-free operation.

This electric unicycle also has a powerful and, above all, automatic full lighting system! At the rear, there are rear lights, brake lights and indicators. The front features 5 x 6 W LED headlights. This comprehensive, intelligent lighting system ensures optimum visibility and enhanced safety at every moment of your ride in electric unicycle.

KS 16X

Are there any changes/upgrades in this production run?  

Yes, Kanematsu has made some improvements to the controller, firmware and waterproofing - still not recommended to take it out in a thunderstorm ......

What type of tire is fitted in the current production?  

The Chao Yang 16×3" offers the best combination of tread life and smooth ride performance.

I'm having a hard time choosing between the 16X and 18XL, what is the difference in ride quality between these models?

Functionally, the difference between the 18XL and 16X is tire size. the 18XL comes with 18×2.5-inch tires, while the 16X comes with smaller but wider 16×3-inch tires. What this really means is that the 16X may have faster acceleration, more climbing torque, and better off-road performance on wider tires, but the 18XL will be the best choice for long-distance cruising on paved roads.

What is the maximum recommended rate of charge?

What is the maximum recommended rate of charge?
You can use our original charger with a recommended output voltage of DC 84 V, 1.5A.

How water resistant is the 16X, can I use it in the rain?

The general recommendation for all Electric Unicycles is that it ought to stand up for riding in the wet or light rain, but to try avoid using in a heavy downpour, avoid puddles & bodies of standing water. Please store your Wheel inside, prolonged exposure to moisture will result in decreased life expectancy of the machine.

KS 16S

What additional features does the KS 16S offer for entertainment?

It comes with integrated RGB LED lights and Bluetooth speakers, which can be operated via a smartphone app.

Is there an option for carrying the KS 16S when not riding it?

The King Song 16X comes with a retractable push handle to easily carry the unicycle around.

What safety protections does the KS 16S have?

The unicycle is equipped with speed limit protection, overheating protection, and low battery protection.

What is the maximum range of the KS 16S on a full charge?

The KS 16S has a powerful 1200W battery offering a range of approximately 50 miles.

How much does the KS 16S weigh?

The unicycle weighs 53 lbs.

KS 14D

Is there any difference between the 340Wh & 420Wh, except for the range? 

No, both variants have the same quantity of cells, 32x, each is rated for a peak sustained power output of 10 Amps, so there’s no difference in power performance. The 420Wh pack has the LG MJ1 3.5Ah cells, for a combined capacity of 420Wh; while the 340Wh has the Panasonic PF 2.9Ah cells,totalling 340Wh. In terms of range, you should expect around 20-25Wh/mile.  

Is the 14D water resistant, IPxx certified, can I use it in the rain? 

This Wheel has a number of protective measures to prevent rain from causing havoc with the sensitive Electronics. As most manufacturers do not certify their IP ratings, they is generally no accurate guide for judging the protective qualities of a Wheel. Our recommendation is that you can use the Wheel in light or wet conditions, but try to avoid using it in a heavy downpour, also do not leave it outside sitting in the rain.

I know the 14S has double the number of batteries of the 14D, but are there other differences besides?

No, not really. To accommodate the larger pack, the 14S is 2″ fatter & 5lb heavier than the 14D—some owners put great value the qualities of thinness & weight. The motor, control-board, & about 90% of the shell are identical in the 14S.

Is it possible to purchase the 14D now, then upgrade the Wheel to the S22 PRO at a later time?

Of course, this is the same upgrade campaign we launched, and you can check out the exact rules of the campaign at this link.
You can get both wheels for less money than before!

Can I take the 14D aboard commercial flights?

Although each airline may have their own particular policy, the standard for taking battery powered Personal Electric Vehicles aboard aircraft is that 1) the battery pack must be below 160Wh, 2) the battery must be removed. Unfortunately, neither of these requirements is met this model Wheel. It might be possible to remove the battery & send on by courier, but you’ll need to get written confirmation from the airline if you are thinking about taking this approach.