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Are you ready to travel further and get there at an amazing speed? The perfect eScooter for your commute. The N13 combines sleek design with advanced technology for a ride you'll love.

  • Performance & Range: With a 19-mile range and a top speed of 19 mph, the N13 features a 900 W motor and a 10.4 Ah battery, making it ideal for urban commutes.
  • Versatile & Portable: Weighing only 46 lbs with 8.5-inch non-slip wheels, the scooter easily handles various terrains and folds for convenient storage or transport.
  • Safety First: Equipped with dual suspension, rear disc brake, front drum brake, and a regenerative anti-lock system, the N13 ensures a secure riding experience. Intelligent lighting and anti-theft measures enhance safety.
  • Smart Riding Modes: Choose from four modes—Pedestrian, Eco, Standard, and Sport—tailored to different speeds and battery conservation needs. The handlebar's LED display provides essential metrics, and a single button controls various functions.
  • Connectivity & Security: App-controlled anti-theft features, remote control functionality, and posture detection with a disturbance alarm offer comprehensive security and control.
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Product information
Looking for a powerful, long-range and stylish eScooter? The Kingsong N13 has it all and is the perfect fit for daily commuting. With a long range of up to 20 miles and a maximum motor output of 900W, you will experience an exceptional riding experience. The N13 commuter electric scooter offers you everything you need, such as a dual braking system, built-in indicators, Traction Control System (TCS), front suspension for a smooth ride, an anti-theft electronic horn and more. Thanks to the intelligent functions and high performance, the N13 make your riding safe and fun.
Developed and fine-tuned over a three-year period, Flat-Free Tires fill the inner tube with a new PU foaming material, eliminating the possibility of tire leakage thanks a pneumatic design while offering you comfort, practicality, and minimal maintenance.

Upgraded 8.5 inch tires deliver more stability and comfort than our previous 8 inch models, so you can handle bumpy roads with ease.
Easily switch between three unique riding modes: Choose Cruise Mode for longerbattery life, with a max speed of 10 MPH and an extended range of 18 miles. Forexcellent performance in both speed and range, switch to Normal Mode, with a maxspeed of 20 MPH. To climb faster and accelerate more quickly, enjoy Sport Mode'smax speed of 16 MPH.

Strong Performance to help with riding

500W high torque motors

Offering quick acceleration and power to tackle city slopes with ease. Power is up to 900W, deliver a max speed up to 19mph & 25% hill grade climbing ability.

Power your life with 37V 10.4Ah high-performance battery & 2A charging current

Tree speed modes, easy switch

Simply double press the power button to switch between modes and easily adjust the speed to your surroundings. The safety of the speed modes has been according to EN17128 regulations.

Pedestrian mode

0-4 mph

Economic mode

0-9 mph

Standard mode

0-12 mph

Sport mode

0-19 mph

Digital LED Display

Display headlight, speed, battery life, connectivity, 4 riding modes can be directly showed by the intuitive LED dashboard.

Multifunctional dashboard

Real-time display of various data; speed, speed mode, power, lock status and other driving information at a glance.

Comfortable extended grip

The handlebar is made of TPR material for a more comfortable grip which can effectively improve the driving experience.

Sensitive hand throttle

The hand throttle's moderate resistance and timely feedback make dribing speed easier to control and the acceleration smoother.

One button, multiple functions

Intuitive controls, one button, multiple functions; Not only does the button turn the power on and off, it can also be used to switch between speed modes and to turn the headlights on and off.

Fast folding in 3 steps

Innovative folding design evaluated by EN17128 for a minimalist appearance, convenient storage, and more stability.

Step 1.

Open side fuse switch

Step 2.

Open the folder handle

Step 3.

Fold it together

Dual suspension system

Front and rear double suspension, easy to deal with road bumps, riding experience is smooth.

Intelligent anti-theft

Connect to the KingSong APP and lock the car. The owner will be immediately remind by the alarm if any movement of the scooter.

APP control
One key lock
Posture sense
Disturbance alarm

Multiple Braking System

Features disc braking、drum braking and a regenerative anti-lock braking system for efficient, responsive braking distance, make it as short.

8.5" non-slip tires

Not only does it make for a smooth ride on flat roads, it is also very comfortable to ride on non-paved roads like gravel, dirt roads, and grass.

Brighter tail light

When the brake lever is pressed, the taillight will blink to alert pedestrians and vehicles behind you. The tail light also has a rear reflector function to ensure safe riding

Ultra-bright headlight

The high brightness of the new headlight effectively improves the safety of riding at night. The light irradiation angle has anew design that keeps the light below the line of sight to avoid headlight dazzle.


Model TF-N13
Top. Speed ~18.6 mph
Mileage ~18.6 mile
Max.Loading 264 lb
Max. Gradeability ~14°/25%
Tire 8.5 in (Front Wheel), 8.5 in (Rear Wheel)
Weight 46.3 lb
Dimension 46.1in (L) * 22.4in (W) * 46.9 in (H)
Vehicle Material Aluminum, Plastic
IP Rating IPX4
Storage Time 12 months (after a full charge)
Motor 500W
Charger D 42V, 2A
Charging Time 5-6 H
Battery 37V 10.4Ah(384.8Wh)
Safety Warning System EABS (Electric Brake) + Linear Tension Brake + Mechanical Physical Brake
Certification  RoHs, CE, FCC

All of our electric vehicles come with a 12 month limited warranty against factory defects.

At Topfeel we understand the importance of micromobility. Many of our customers rely on their electric vehicles for transportation to work, school or just daily recreation. Because of this we want to ensure that our customers feel secure with their purchase from us.

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KS N13 E-Scooter
Extremely cost-effective electric scooter.
42V 2A Charger
One input line, one output line.
KS N13 Instruction Manual
Includes tutorials, specifications, precautions, etc.

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