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Kingsong S16 - a highly anticipated model that will excite enthusiasts. In a market flooded with heavy-duty, powerhouse, big-battery models, the S16 carves out its own niche by striking a delicate balance between price and functionality for adventurous riders looking for a mid-range electric unicycle with uncompromising features.

Rather than aiming to be the ultimate racer or off-road beast, the S16 redefines what a unicycle for daily commuting and occasional weekend fun should look like. The compact design with superior shock absorption is perfect for harsh urban infrastructure and recreational riding.

  • Powerful Performance: The KS-S16 boasts a 2800W rated power and peak of 4500W, reaching speeds up to 50km/h with a maximum mileage of 130km.
  • Sturdy Build and Comfortable Ride: With a 16 x 3-inch tire and 750lb spring coil suspension, it supports up to 120kg and handles inclines of 40° for a smooth journey.
    • Advanced Connectivity and Entertainment: Equipped with dual charge ports and built-in tweeter and bass speakers, stay connected and entertained while on the move.
    • Convenient Charging and Portability: The scooter charges quickly with an included adapter and remains lightweight at around 36kg, making it easy to transport.
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    Información del Producto
    The S16 features the same fantastic thick metal battery casing that it's big brother the S22 included. Spiked pedals come stock with the unit allowing you to feel more locked in to the unit in various conditions. The strong trolley handle allows you to lift the wheel without worrying damaging the handle or dropping unit in the process. The S16 uses King Song's 5th generation slider system and a 750lb coil shock to provide comfort when riding off-road or on rough terrain.
    King Song has provided many useful and fun features on the S16 such as its touch sensor lift switch that is located in the rear of the wheel, a sturdy kickstand, and the 32*32 dot matrix display. If your phone is running low on battery you can charge it using either the USB-C or USB-A ports on the wheel located in the rear of the wheel. The Bluetooth speakers located towards the rear of the wheel allow you to listen to some of your favorite tunes during rides and the RGB lights can pulse to your music. Pre-installed Velcro on the wheel as well as the included power pads allow you to adjust them easily and quickly.
    BMS stands for Battery Management System and the one built into the S16 has the all the features you need to be able to monitor your battery health extensively from within the King Song app. The BMS has temperature protection functions so that your batteries do not overheat. Using the King Song app you can monitor each battery cell individually to ensure that your batteries are in good condition. Viewing the voltage of each cell allows you to see if your unit has any dead cells and you can make sure that your batteries are fully charging. 

    Super Power

    High efficient hollow shaft motor, strong accelerationand gradeability.

    Suspension System

    Continuing the classic X-type connecting rod suspension structure, adjusted and tested by the top R&D team carefully, the excellent suspension performance brinas riders comfortable experience.

    High Capacity Battery

    Provide abundant power for your daily use, full of security, accompanied by you to venture out!

    Smart BMS System

    A new generation of BMS intelligent battery management system, multiple protection, real-time monitoring of battery safety.

    16 inch All-Terrain Tire

    For city conmmuting, off-road riding.

    Smart Driving Manager

    Grasp the driving situation at any time and any where, as well as online vehicle diagnosis, booking after-sales and other services, more friends circle, let you find more fellow riders!

    Smart Driving Manager

    15W*2 bass unit + 10W*2 tweeter unit, The tone is full and clear, unleashing superb sound quality.

    Dazzling Lighting System

    Equipped with an intelligent 360° visible LED lighting system, bright and adjustable that can be adjust the color at will.

    Spiked Pedals

    Spiked pedals ensure even when riding through whatever the weather, you'll still remain fully connected to the S16.

    Fully Integrated Stand

    Pull over your wheel anywhere you want.

    High Strength Handle

    Built-in telescopic handle, more portable to use.

    Large-size Display

    32*32 dot matrix display integrating power, speed, fault code and other information.


    Model KS S16
    Top. Speed 31.1 mph
    Mileage 80 mile
    Max.Loading 265 lb
    Max. Gradeability ~40°
    Rated Power 2800W
    Charger DC 84V * 5 A (1480Wh)
    Charging Time 4-5 H
    Battery Cells Samsung 50GB
    Tire 16″ x 3.0
    Weight 70.1 lb
    Dimension 21.3in (L) * 9.1in (W) * 24.4in (H)
    Max Power 4500W
    Headlight Auto Adjusting
    Turn Signals Yes
    Powerpads Yes
    Kickstand Yes
    Pedal Type Spiked
    Safety Warning System  Alarms & Automatic Braking
    Protective Measures Sideload, Speed Limit, Low Battery, High Temperature, Pick up the Shutdown
    Equipments Headlight, Stop Light, Integrated Trolley

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    KS S16 Electric Unicycle
    Enjoy an ultra-comfortable and practical ride.
    84V 5A Charger
    One output line.
    S16 Instruction Manual
    Includes tutorials, specifications, precautions, etc.

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