Introducing an innovative electric scooter equipped with an expansive 18-inch wheel design, all packed into a sleek, easily transportable frame. Boasting a robust 2200W motor and an ample battery pack, this scooter enables you to effortlessly cover remarkable distances while enjoying optimal comfort. Featuring generously sized 10-inch pedals and tires, it ensures an exceptionally smooth and stable riding experience.

  • High-Powered Performance: The Kanematsu 18L (KS-18L) zips along at speeds up to 31 mph, powered by a strong 2200W motor. Unlock its full speed potential after just 10 miles of riding and travel up to 60 miles on a single charge.
  • Sturdy Build: This electric scooter is built tough with a 1036Wh, 84V battery and smart BMS for protection against overcharging and short circuits. Its reliable control board ensures consistent power output, while oversized tires and pedals offer stability and comfort.
  • Tech-Enabled Convenience: Stay connected with Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming and data transfer via the KingSong App. Enjoy clear sound from the built-in 4-speaker system with a 12V amplifier. Customize your ride with RGB side lights.
  • Easy Handling: Maneuvering is a breeze with a handle sensor for effortless lifting and a retractable push handle for convenient transport.
  • Safety First: Feel secure with features like a high beam headlight, rear brake light, and warning systems including beeps and pedal tilt-back. Enjoy your ride knowing safety is a priority.