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Only a few urban models are able to impress by combining attractiveness, riding properties and uniqueness with practical use. Luckily, meet the Kingsong 16S unicycle intended for all riders looking for these very attributes. Not only does this electric unicycle combine all the aforementioned features, it even adds something extra – high build quality, performance and an endless dose of adrenaline. Its specs, such as 3 000 W of power, a top speed of 22 mph and a range of 50 mile, speak for themselves.

  • Design & Features: Built for city exploration, the 16S features anatomically shaped power pads, customizable ambient lights, Bluetooth connectivity, and 360° stereo speakers for an immersive ride.

  • Performance: A potent motor (1200W, peaking at 3000W) effortlessly handles 30° hills, reaching 22 mph. The 60V Li-Ion LG battery offers an 50 mile range, with a quick 7-hour charge time.

  • Safety & Practicality: With side power pads, foldable pedals, and powerful lights, the 16S prioritizes safety. Compact design and 37lbs weight make it easily portable.

  • Rating: The Kingsong 16S excels in performance, features, and style. Ideal for diverse riding, it combines aesthetics, practicality, and exceptional properties—a top choice for style-conscious riders.

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Product information
The KS-16S as it exists today is the result of multiple iterations, with the first version being released all the way back in 2015. Since then, it's received a bigger battery for more range, a more powerful motor for increased handling and top speed, and other modern features such as a lift switch for carrying the wheel up stairs of over large obstacles, all in just a 38lbs package. All of this history means the 16S' reliability can be matched by very few wheels around today.
Need a wheel right now? The KS-16S is for you. It's suitable for beginners as well as experienced riders, as those just starting out will have plenty of room to grow into this wheel's specs, while existing riders will find the 16S' compact and capable design to be a nice "do-everything" addition to their arsenal. There's a reason the 16S has earned this title, and that's because it really can do everything. If you're eyeing the 14D or S9 "Basketball" as a starter or secondary wheel but feel its specs may not satisfy you, look no further than the KS-16S.
Because the 16S is so light and compact, it can be a joy to ride anywhere a car won't take you. Explore local parks, bike trails, and even dense urban areas without having to worry about handling a heavy or unwieldy machine. You'll blend right in with pedestrian and bike traffic, and while everyone else around you has to work to get to where they're going, all you have to do is glide by them and enjoy the ride.

1200Watt High-speed Brushless Motor

Are you ready to revolutionize your daily
commute or leisurely rides? Look no further than the Kingsong 16S Electric
Unicycle. Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology,
the Kingsong 16S offers a seamless blend of performance, style, and
convenience. Equipped with powerful brushless motor, the performance is stable and reliable, the rated power reaches 1200W, the maximum torque is 80N. m, and the maximum speed can reach 22mph.

840Wh Powerful Battery

The core of the kingsong unicycle is a powerful 840Wh built-in battery with a charging time of about 7 hours, that ensures continuous riding for approximately about 50mile. Powered by a robust motor and advanced battery
technology, the Kingsong 16S delivers an exhilarating ride experience. Cruise
effortlessly through city streets or conquer challenging terrains with ease,
thanks to its powerful performance capabilities. With a top speed of [insert
top speed], you'll reach your destination swiftly and in style.

Enjoy the comfort of immersive sound

The speakers deliver powerful sound and a direct impact, giving you a cinema-like sound experience.

New Upgrade Honeycomb Pedal

The upgraded pedal improving friction between shoes and pedal surface, making the riding more comfortable and safer.

Smart Driving Manager for You

Connect your euc to Kingsong APP via Bluetooth to check detailed information like vehicle status, battery info, mileage info and control the lights, lock the motor, upgrade firmware and more. Stay connected on the go with the Kingsong 16S's
seamless connectivity features. Sync your smartphone to the companion app to
customize your ride settings, monitor battery life, and track your journey in real-time.
With Bluetooth connectivity, you can even stream your favorite music while you
ride, making every journey an unforgettable experience.

Colorful Lighting System

DIY atmosphere LED, flick with frequency spectrum; colorful lights of the whole EUC. Sleek and stylish, the Kingsong 16S Electric Unicycle is designed to turn heads wherever you go. Its minimalist design not only exudes sophistication but also ensures maximum comfort during your ride. The ergonomic pedals and adjustable handle provide a personalized fit for riders of all sizes, while the durable construction guarantees long-lasting reliability.

Comfortable Power Pad

Improve riding comfort, and the acceleration and deceleration of the wheel.

Ultra-bright Headlight

The high brightness of the new headlight effectively improves safety when driving at night.

High Strength Handle

Built-in telescopic handle with anti-spin lift sensor.


Model KS 16S
Top. Speed 22 mph
Mileage 50 mile
Max.Loading 260 lb
Max. Gradeability ~30°
Rated Power 1200W
Charger DC 67.2V * 2 A (840Wh)
Charging Time 7 H
Pedals 4.72in
Tire 16″ x 2.125
Weight 37 lb
Dimension 18.2in (L) * 9.3in (W) * 19.9in (H)
Battery 60 V Li-Ion LG
Max Power 3000W
Safety Warning System  Alarms & Automatic Braking
Equipments Headlight, Stop Light, Integrated Trolley
Protective Measures 45°-Stoppbetrieb, Speed Limit Protection, Low Power Protection

All of our electric vehicles come with a 12 month limited warranty against factory defects.

At Topfeel we understand the importance of micromobility. Many of our customers rely on their electric vehicles for transportation to work, school or just daily recreation. Because of this we want to ensure that our customers feel secure with their purchase from us.

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The best tool for newbies to get started.
67.2V 2A Charger
One input line, one output line.
Thermal Cutoffs
In the case of abnormal current, its own fuse to cut off the current, to protect the role of safe operation of the circuit.
16S Instruction Manual
Includes tutorials, specifications, precautions, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Mike C
Fantastic wheel for beginners.

Fantastic wheel for beginners. The wheel is very nimble with many safety features. I have 300 miles on mine and have never had any issues. The blue tooth speakers and lights are the icing on the cake. The only downside is the speed limiter but that goes away as you learn to ride (150km or less depending on firmware). Pick up some shin guards you are going to need them.

Kyle Gannon
It’s an incredible machine and I love everything about the riding experience.

The wheel is better than I could have hoped for, being my fire EUC. It’s an incredible machine and I love everything about the riding experience. If the body was nearly indestructible I’d have given it a perfect 5 stars!

Aries Waters
I love my king song 16s

I love my king song 16s. It's what I learned on. Everyone should learn and a nice grassy area if you can better for you and better for the wheel. I have two of them my son and myself were riding within the first 15 minutes and going as far as 50 yards and more within the first 30 minutes. Not so scary on the grass.

Vincent P.
Amazing power

Awesome wheel. Super agile and maneuverable! Using it for ~8.5 mile (each way) commutes has been a blast. Acceleration is great, I often beat cars off the line up until around 15mph! Surprising amount of power up the ridiculous hills where I live too. Can take me up while cruising 18mph no problem. Also, King Song trolley handles are the bees knees. The only thing I don't totally dig is the side pads. I don't like how far they stick out - if the pedals were just set slightly wider, that would be nice. The contact point is also a little low - a taller wheel distributes the load along your leg better, which is more comfortable for mounting/dismounting or one-legged riding. These are relatively minor quibbles. This is a great wheel to have around. Due to where I frequently ride, I've found myself more comfortable on a wheel capable of ~25mph+ so that I can ride in traffic when necessary. Cyclists here are just super unpredictable, and passing them can be pretty dangerous. That said, I do wear CE rated knee and elbow impact protection, wrist guards, and a full face helmet. I still like having this for fun little rides - it's just so zippy!

Kenny Cheung
I would highly recommend it

This is my first wheel I have ridden and I bought it to practice on with the intention to upgrade and sell this wheel when the other one comes in. I've loved riding it so much that I actually plan on keeping it so I can teach friends, riding buddies and continue riding.

The only complaint I have are bluetooth range is pretty bad with the included speakers but otherwise I have absolutely loved learning on and riding this wheel. Within two and a half hours I was able to ride, mount, dismount and turn without any assistance. I would highly recommend it