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Enjoy 2200 watts of fun with the KS-S18, featuring new built-in suspension and a sportbike-inspired design with aggressive curvature that combines aerodynamics with a never-before-seen air intake system. Add built-in retractable handlebars, front and rear lights, and Bluetooth for data connectivity, and now you're the future!

  • High-Speed Performance: Reach speeds of up to 31mph, achievable after just 6 miles of riding. Powered by a new 2200W sustained motor, peaking at 5000W, this scooter delivers exhilarating acceleration and agility.
  • Long-Range Capability: With a maximum potential range of 62 miles, the scooter ensures extensive coverage for your urban commutes or leisure rides.
  • Advanced Battery and Control: Equipped with a 1110Wh, 84V battery featuring Smart BMS technology for enhanced safety and longevity. The high-performance control board can reliably sustain 2000W and incorporates a heatsink and temperature control fan for optimal operation.
  • Enhanced Stability and Comfort: Conquer steep inclines of up to 40° with confidence, supported by a sturdy frame capable of accommodating a maximum load of 300lbs. Large pedals with grip tape and extra-wide 18” tires offer stability and comfort on various surfaces.
  • Integrated Technology and Safety Features: Stay connected on the go with Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer, compatible with the King Song App. Enjoy enhanced visibility with a bright headlight and rear brake light with turn signal functionality. Safety features include audible beeps, pedal tilt-back, and a handle sensor to detect lifting motion, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Additionally, built-in dual USB ports allow for powering and charging your devices on the move.
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Product information
With a unique X-shaped suspension system that allows for up to 4” suspension travel, S18 allows you to turn the suspension on or off as well as adjust the sensitivity. Different pressurization can be adjusted according to rider weight. With an interchangeable component, riders can customize it to fit their personal modification and riding style.
King Song included all of their latest features to make sure S18 riders never left wanting more. Headlights will be 2x stronger than that of the 16X with an automatic sensor that switches between high and low beam. The rear light will display battery level, braking, and turning within one singular unit. Aluminum handle with robust construction means you can comfortably take your electric unicycle anywhere with you without needing to carry it, and it even has a built in sensor to automatically disengage the motor for those times you need to briefly lift your wheel over an obstacle or up a flight of stairs.
King Song is now offering the S18 with Molicel P42A high-discharge cells! One of the main complaints riders reported with the OG S18 was the lack of power the 1110Wh high-capacity LG M50LT packs were able to provide in high-load situations. The P42A model fixes this issue, as these cells can output several times more power than the LG M50LT cells safely. With these two options now available, riders can choose between more range or better performance depending on their riding style and use case for the wheel.

Your ideal flagship-level device

Innovative Suspension System

2200Wh  Intelligent & Powerful Motor

Hefty motor providing 140 N.m of torque allows for quick acceleration whilst ensuring there's not a hill you can't climb!

Hollow Bore Brushless Motor

More Efficient, More Power

Fast Charging Enabled, Travel Further

For the first time ever, the S18 will allow you to fast charger 1110Wh with a 10A charger, charge in 6 hours with the stock 2A charger.

Brand New Modular Controller

Brand new controller design integrates the rear light, charger, and it's all with one.

4 Layer Design

Even with the current the controlleris outputting the 4 layer design ensures the S18 maintains cool and stable.

TO-247 MOS

A total of 12 high voltage MOS to supply the 2200w motor with the highest performance possible.

Heat Sink Control

The MOS tube is directly attached to the frame to ensure rapid heat dissipation and provide maximum stability for the rider.

Amazing Riding Experience

Featuring new built-in, variable linkage dampening air suspension system that can be adjustedaccording to the rider's weight or ride performance, and making life easier for riders who venture off-road.

Automatic Lights

1600lm headlight with 2*5W(high beam) and 2*4W(short beam). Headlight are 2 itmes stronger to the 16X with automatic sensor to switch between modes.

Integrated Taillight

The rear brake light and turn signals are fully integrated into one.

Your ideal flagship-level device

Purposeful Design

Spiked Pedals

Spiked pedals ensure even when riding through whatever, you'll still remain fully connected to the S18.

Adjustable Suspension

Integrate power, speed, and other information into one matrix display.

High Strength Handle

Built-in telescopic handle with anti-spin lift sensor.

Power Pads

Fully customizable Power Pads allows you to ensure the best control andmake the S18 your own.


Model KS S18
Top. Speed 31 mph
Mileage 50 mile
Max.Loading 300 lb
Max. Gradeability ~40°
Rated Power 2200W
Charger DC 84V * 2.5 A (1110Wh)
Charging Time 6 H
Battery DC 72V
Tire 18″ x 3.0
Weight 55 lb
Dimension 20.8in (L) * 7.8in (W) * 21.9in (H)
Max Power 5000W
Safety Warning System  Alarms & Automatic Braking
Protective Measures Sideload, Speed Limit, Low Battery, High Temperature, Pick up the Shutdown
Equipments Headlight, Stop Light, Integrated Trolley

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KS S18 Electric Unicycle
Enjoy an ultra-comfortable and practical ride.
84V 2.5A Charger
One output line.
S18 Instruction Manual
Includes tutorials, specifications, precautions, etc.

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