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The Kingsong S19 Electric Unicycle is a cutting-edge personal mobility device ideal for urban commuters. With its sleek design, the S19 boasts a powerful electric motor for smooth acceleration, making city navigation and conquering slopes a breeze. The high-capacity battery ensures an impressive range, allowing users to cover longer distances on a single charge. Its advanced suspension system offers a comfortable and stable riding experience, complemented by safety features like LED lights and a responsive braking system. Customizable riding modes make it user-friendly, and it's an eco-friendly choice for versatile transportation. Not to mention, it features the best speakers ever produced in an EUC!

  • 18-inch Wheel: Enjoy stability, agility, and a smooth ride for stylish urban navigation.
  • Advanced Suspension: Bid farewell to bumps! The 90mm suspension travel ensures comfort on any terrain.
  • Powerful 3500W Motor: Conquer hills and flats with consistent speed and performance.
  • Long-lasting 1776Wh Battery: Cover more ground with fewer recharges for extended adventures.
  • Sleek Design: Stylish and ergonomic, the modern design enhances both looks and comfort.
  • Safety Features: Ride confidently with bright LED lights and a robust braking system.

Why Choose the Kingsong KS-S19?

  • Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.
  • User-friendly Interface: Intuitive controls make it easy for riders of all levels.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint with this green alternative to traditional transport. Perfect for the environmentally conscious rider.
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Product information

The S19 boasted an extremely simple, sleek, and futuristic design, with orange-accented side cushions and integrated LED lights for greater visibility at night. The unicycle also has Bluetooth connectivity and an app that lets riders change settings, track speed and distance traveled, and even control the LED lights. The wheel has the appearance and feel of a smaller and simpler version of the S22, with many design aspects carried over from its bigger brother.

It has a powerful 3500W motor, a 1,440Wh battery, and an 18-inch wheel with a massive tire for exceptional stability and control on smooth and rugged terrain. The S19’s innovative 130mm suspension system provides even more dampening than the S18, allowing for a smoother ride on rocky areas and absorbing shocks for ultimate rider comfort. The unicycle may travel up to 90 miles on a single charge, depending on riding conditions, weather, battery charge, and other factors.

The inflatable tyre on the KS-S19 remains the same, with a width of 3 inches and a diameter of 18 inches, for a marked grip that's ideal for off-road riding. An obvious blend of the S18 and S22, its design has evolved into a combination of black and orange. What's more, RGB LEDs dot the electric unicycle elegantly, giving it a unique, modern personality.With its adjustable air-pressure suspension system and latest-generation springs, the Kingsong S19 offers optimum comfort for your journeys. In fact, this system incorporates an oil circuit that improves shock resistance and ensures a smooth ride.For an even more enjoyable ride, the larger and wider power pads and non-slip pedals provide unrivalled grip. The KS-S19 is much more than just an electric unicycle, it represents the pinnacle of comfort and performance.

Professional suspension unicycle, riding with passion and enjoy a wonderful moment;

Intelligent BMS & 178 pcs RGB lights, fashionable and outstanding;

3500W high-performance motor, explosive performance;

More good experiences will be presented by your S19

Say goodbye to conventional modes of transportation and embrace the future with the Kingsong S19. Designed with convenience and portability in mind, this electric unicycle
offers unparalleled freedom to explore your surroundings. Whether you're navigating through busy city streets or exploring scenic pathways, the Kingsong S19 Electric Unicycles effortlessly adapts to your journey.

Soaring Performance Releasing Strong Power

An stronger power and higher output epoch-making motor was born with innovative hollow motor! Equipped with a high-capacity battery and powerful motor, the Kingsong S19 delivers an exhilarating riding experience. Cruise effortlessly at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, tackle steep inclines with ease, and enjoy a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring the great outdoors, the Kingsong S19 ensures a smooth and exhilarating ride every time.

1776Wh Super Power Beyond Imagination

LG 50LT 21700 cell unit, with higher single-cell energy density and charge-discharge performance.

Battery Management System All-round Care Battery

Control the charge and discharge of each battery cell, and bring four-dimensional upgrades in power, battery life, safety, and battery life.

504W*Flagship Fast Charging Maximize Peace of Mind

Completes a full charge in just 4-5 hours.*

Nomore waiting for your EUC to charge before going out!

DNM AOY 36RC Amazing Riding Experience

Excellent suspension adjustment, easy to deal with various road conditions.

Powerful Speakers Enter an Immersive Soundscape

The 20W*2 bass unit + 15W*2 tweeter unit setup ensures that you get a more immersive stereo experience.

Kingsong APP Smart Driving Manager

You can view vehicle status, battery information, mileage information and control lights, lock motors, upgrade firmware and other details.

Modular Motherboard Design Easy Installation

Integrating taillights, charging ports, switches, displays and other accessories. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the Kingsong S19 features intelligent built-in features to enhance your riding experience. From customizable riding modes to integrated LED lights for enhanced visibility, every aspect of the Kingsong S19 is crafted to prioritize your safety and convenience.

4 Layer Design

Smaller size and lighter weight, it increases the flexibility of motherboard design.

Heat Sink Control

The MOS tube is directly attached to the frame to ensure rapid hear dissipation and provide maximum stability for the rider.

TO-247 MOS

A total of 12 high voltage MOS to supply the 3500W motor with the highest performance possible

Flowing Lights, Captivating Dynamic Lighting Effects

178 LED lamp beads are evenly arranged, and 16 million colors are combined into an aurora lighting effect.


Model KS S19
Top. Speed 37 mph
Mileage 100 mile
Max.Loading 300 lb
Max. Gradeability ~40°
Rated Power 3500W
Charger DC 88.8V * 5 A (1776Wh)
Charging Time 4-5 H (5A)
Suspension DNM RCP 2S 750lb 130mm
Pedals 277x130mm Spiked Pedals
Tire 18″ x 3.0
Front Lights 5W x 6 adjustable angle (15°)
Weight 70 lb
Dimension 21.3in (L) * 12.6in (W) * 31.1in (H)
Battery 96 pcs LG50LT
Max Power 6500W
Safety Warning System  Alarms & Automatic Braking

All of our electric vehicles come with a 12 month limited warranty against factory defects.

At Topfeel we understand the importance of micromobility. Many of our customers rely on their electric vehicles for transportation to work, school or just daily recreation. Because of this we want to ensure that our customers feel secure with their purchase from us.

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King of Off-Road.
84V 5A Charger
One input line, one output line.
PU leather cushion
Ergonomically designed to combine exercise with comfort.
Customizable mounting leg guards
Adhesive design, tear off and reinstall at any time.
S19 Instruction Manual
Includes tutorials, specifications, precautions, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
John Folk
Great and fun to ride euc

Great and fun to ride euc. The suspension is very nice and makes bumpy roads fun and easy to ride. Power overhead is also very nice.

Michael James
This is now one of my favorite wheels as it is light, nimble, and has very plush suspension!

I am in love with my new kingsong S19. This is now one of my favorite wheels as it is light, nimble, and has very plush suspension! This wheel has great acceleration, really nice cornering, and takes the road bumps really well! I also have a Kingsong 16x and Kingsong S22 and each wheel has its own unique characteristics.

Allen Hotchkin
This thing is fast!!!

This thing is fast!!! I have a high speed mollicel exn - and this thing feels really fast comparably.

It’s nimble and fun. Easy to jump and play. It’s a fabulous ride and has battery for days , my exn has 1000 wh more juice but does not touch the range on this wheel. It’s baffling.


Careful in sand or rough trail conditions- I did overload it, and it did not like me one bit.

Uzear Butt
It's reliably durable, controllable, and efficient.

Full disclosure this is my first euc, and my mind is sufficiently blown.

That said I'm past the initial wow and am looking at this thing through the lens of 'I only want to go faster and further'.

This thing IS fast and DOES go far, and the torque is a must when it comes to diversity of rides.

I've crashed. Ohhhhh I've crashed, but the only damage are a few scuffs. Incredible endurance.

Stability, it's got it. I've heard a lot about the speed wobbles of this wheel and almost didn't get it because of it. Naw. It ain't a real problem. *Once you get the power pads adjusted how you like em*

Battery anxiety. Never had it. My ankles give out at around 30% and I've ridden this thing to the coast and back.

Eucs are still unknown in my area of Santa Rosa CA and I get stopped constantly to talk about it. People are amazed and love it, the look, the sound, the applicability. Not going to lie, I feel a little like a local celebrity everytime I take it out. It roles through the grocery store without looking stupid, and charges in no time.

ONE THING! this is why I gave it 4 stars. The two screws on the inside of the carrying handle came lose and nearly fell out. I went over the rest of the wheel and found all the screws were a bit lose. Could've been from hard riding, but it was a little concerning.

Bottom line, this things changed my life in a positive way, making parts of my city accessable in a way a car can't imagine. It's reliably durable, controllable, and efficient.

Ryan Scott
Fun unicycle

Fun unicycle. Got it as my second wheel and it's been fun and way easier to ride than my starter wheel a Kingsong S18. Very fast and yet to ride the wheel to an empty battery because it gets great range.